Poster session

Poster Session Guidelines can be found here.

Conference delegates who are not involved in any workshop with an oral presentation are invited to prepare a poster about their local, regional or national projects which fit into the conference theme.

Poster Sessions are a valuable opportunity to present papers and meet interested participants for discussions.  Good planning can make your presentation clear, effective and rewarding. The goals in designing a poster should be: to attract attention, to provide a clear overview of your work, to provide enough material to explain the research without an oral explanation and to provide material to initiate questions and discussions. Thus, an articulate, expressive poster will contain only the crucial points of information.

There are two selected major topics for the poster session:

  1. good practice of school physical education and sport clubs links to enhance frequent physical activities for children and youth;
  2. good practice of school physical education links with community partners which support an active lifestyle through networking.