School Clinics

Each delegate has the option to attend one school clinic. There are four different school clinics offered at the same time (Thursday morning, May 10th,  8 to 9.30 hrs am.). One school clinic on health enhanced PE is given by PE teachers of Andreas School in the big community gymnasium, across the Conference venue. A second school clinic focus the cross-curricular item of “PA and nutrition” given by PE teachers and nutrition experts in a lesson at Walburgis School, a second local Primary School at Velen. A third and fourth clinic is organized at one Primary School in the Dutch neighborhood community of Winterswijk (25 minutes by a bus shuttle from Velen) where two classes can be attended, one on health enhanced  PE and one on nutrition and PA. All three schools are partner schools of the EUREGIO project “Healthy children in sound communities” (HCSC).